Assam’s Bihu Celebration | images, quotes and Bihu wishes

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“Bihu” is the most important festival of Assam, Bihu is celebrated with great fun and splendor by the Assamese, irrespective of caste, religion. Bihu is a secular festival that brings humanity, peace, and brotherhood between different races and religions. It is also called the Assamese new year.

Bihu is a word derived from the language of the Dimasa people, this festival is offered in the name of their supreme deity “Brai-sibrai“.  People of Assam celebrate it by wishing peace and prosperity and welcome the first crop of the season with great enthusiasm.

Traditional Assamese societies are mainly dependent on agriculture and hence by celebrating Bihu they show gratitude towards God. This traditional new year festival starts in mid-April and usually continues for a month. Many Bihu associations/committees are also present abroad where this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal.

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How do people celebrate Bihu: Ways of celebration

At this festival, farmers harvest their crops and thank God for good crops. People of Assam make food with new grains on Bihu and thank God for the crop. After the worship of new crops, a dish of the same new crops is made and offered to God. Only after this, the farmer consumes these crops himself and delivers the additional crop to the market.

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There are three types of Bihu

Bihu is celebrated three times a year, just as there are three main crops in a field, in the same way, the festival of Bihu is celebrated at the time of harvesting. The first ‘Bhogali’  is celebrated in the month of “Magh”, the second ‘Rongali Bihu’ is also known as “Bohag Bihu” and the third is ‘Kongali’ Bihu.

1. Bhogali Bihu

‘Bhogali Bihu’ is celebrated from the first day of “Sankranti” in the month of ‘Magh’ i.e month of Feb-March and hence it is also called ‘Magh Bihu’. This Bihu is named Bhogali because there are more food and drink since sesame, rice, coconut, sugarcane all are harvested this month. It is customary to prepare and eat a variety of dishes from these crops.

On this day, there is a unique tradition of eating a special type of pulse. On the same night, people use to wake the whole night by lighting a fire and in the morning before sunrise, take a bath in a river or a pond. After bathing, they burn the fire and heat the hands, and eat Petha, ‘Curd Chura’ etc. On this day Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal are celebrated in the country.

2. Rongali Bihu

Starting from the month of April, this Bihu is celebrated for seven days in different customs. It is also known as Rongali Bihu. In this, the first day is called “Goru Bihu” (cow Bihu). On this day, people take their cows in the river and bathe in the morning. After that, they are fed gourd, brinjal, etc. It is believed that by doing this, the whole year will be good. In the evening, a new rope is used where the cow is tied. Mosquito-flies are burnt by burning medicinal plants.

On this day, people only eat “Dahi Chura” during the day. The first man’s Bihu starts in Baisakh. On that day too, after bathing with raw turmeric, people wear new clothes and perform pooja and eat ‘Dahi Chura’ and ‘Petha-laddu’ etc. From this day, the new year of the Assamese is considered to begin. People sing and dance on this Bihu from the days of Sankranti. It consists of a circle of 20-25 people, in which youth and young women perform traditional group Bihu with traditional gowns.

3. Kongali or Kati Bihu

Paddy is the main crop of Assam. So, after planting paddy, when the paddy grows a little bit, the insects use to destroy the paddy crop. Kongali Bihu starts on the day of ‘Sankranti’ of “Kartik” month to save from these insects. This Bihu is called Kati Bihu because crops are not green at that time.

On the day of Sankranti, a basil plant is planted in the courtyard and a lamp is lit by making offerings and praying to God to keep the crop good.

Wishes and status for Bihu

May happiness and zeal come in your life, may “Devi Kamakhya” shower blessings to fill your heart with love, wish you the very best on Bihu festival

“New day, New morning. Let’s celebrate together. Happy Bihu to everyone”

“Give love to the little ones, Give respect to elders, Take the resolution of peace. Happy Rongali Bihu Assamese new year!”

“On the auspicious occasion of Bihu, We wish for peace and prosperity in your life. May your all dream exist in reality. Happy Bihu to everyone.”

Bihu images: Images for Bihu celebration

People use to send images on WhatsApp and other social media platforms on the day of Bihu. Here are the best collection of Bihu images.

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