Assam Police Personals Participating in Independence Day Parade tests COVID-19+

Assam Police Indipendance day parade

On Wednesday 9th August 2020 at Guwahati, four Assam Police personals practicing for the 15th August Independence parade were found Covid19+ at Judge’s Field. The personals are under quarantine and rest of the personals were also tested again. The Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup Metro Sri Biswajit Pegu also added that compared to previous years, this time there will be minimum guests for the celebration due to the Covid19 situation and strict protocols will be followed during the entire event.

To check the preparedness of the Parade for the Independence Day celebration, Assam Chief Secretary Kumar Sanjay Krishna visited Judge’s Field today on 13th August 2020 along with Commissioner of Police Sri Munna Prasad Gupta and GAD Commissioner & Secretary Dr. M Angamuthu.


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