Assistant Professor of Assam University booked for his Facebook post on Lord Ram

Cachar, 10th August: A case was filed on 8th August after receiving a complaint from Rohit Chanda on the derogatory comment made by Asst. Professor Arindya Sen on his Facebook post on 5th August 2020 on the day of the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony for the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

In the complaint made by Rohit Chanda, he addressed that Arindya Sen has made derogatory remarks on Lord Ram, “continuously posts such abusive posts defaming Hindu dharma and also abuses constitutional posts like Prime Minister and Home Minister of the country”.

On the other hand the Assam University Asst. Professor adds that “The Ramayana is an epic. It has many versions. At different points, Ram has been criticised. I am not the first one to point out the criticism. It has been done before as well,” Sen also adds that he never intended to insult any Hindu god or goddess or to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

The Cachar SP, Mr B L Meena further mentioned that they will be investigating the matter as the case has been filed under Indian Penal Code sections 294, 295A and 501.


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