Top 9 best restaurants in Guwahati serving authentic Assamese cuisine

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Have you heard about the love story that is better than the Shakespearean ones? No? Well, let me tell you. It’s the love between a foodie and his favorite dishes!

Nothing can be more eclectic than binging on some hot, aromatic authentic food of a particular country or region. And if you are a traveler traveling to a new place, food would be of course the first thing you cannot forget to check out from your itinerary, isn’t it?

Food lovers looking for authentic food in Guwahati city can’t miss out on the following restaurants, and if you are truly hunting for the best places where traditional Assamese food is served at the best rates, then do follow the following list. Your search for simple yet authentic Assamese food ends here. Explore the treasure of traditional Assamese with our list of best restaurants in Guwahati.

1. Paradise Restaurant

Best restaurants in Guwahati Paradise


Where-Maniram Dewan Road, Krishna Nagar, Chandmari, Guwahati

One of the oldest restaurants in Guwahati which has been serving its customers loyally with its authentic and legendary foods since its inception in the food market of Guwahati.

This restaurant has a huge fan following not only for its non-vegetarian thali but also for its vegetarian platter as well. It is the only restaurant in Guwahati where you will find the less heard of “Amla soup”. For the adventurous lot, you can have your pigeon curry and sizzling hot duck curry at an affordable rate.

2. Tandoor

tandoor one of the best restaurants in guwahati

Where-SS Road, Lakhtokia, Guwahati

Nestled inside the Dynasty Hotel, this Mughal style restaurant will lead you back to the regal days of yore. Intricately designed walls to its royal ambiance, one would be calmed with its serene setting and talking about food, you wouldn’t stop asking for more.

Along with the authentic Mughal platter, one can also order Assamese cuisine which is served in traditional style complete bamboo sticks, and the crackling smell of fresh spices with bhoot jolokia pickle as a complementary component.

3. Khorikaa

best restaurant authentic food in Guwahati

Where-Opposite Borah Service, G.S. Road, Guwahati

Khorikaa has already become a household name not only in Guwahati but places outside Assam which has its fans craving for their authentic Assamese food. The best thing about this restaurant is its intermixing of different food styles of various indigenous groups of Assam in their best delectable way. It is just hard to resist.

Khorikaa’s main sermon-to provides traditional Assamese food to its loyal customers without negating the main components of cultural variation and which is why it has been counted among the best restaurants in Guwahati. Two of their popular dishes, omita khaar and maasor tenga are a hit among the foodies.

4. Gam’s delicacy

authentic Assamese food

Where-Krishna Market, Ganeshguri, R.G.Baruah Road, Guwahati

Feeling lazy, and don’t feel like cooking at home? Head to Gam’s delicacy whose cool and casual setting and their very courteous waiters will make you feel at home.

Gam’s menu boasts of rich authentic Assamese food such as Bamboo shoot pork, aloo pitika, khorisaa hakh, maasor tenga, paro maanxo ha maanxo, and many more. The best place for your lazy afternoons. Do check this place.

5. Uruka: one of the best restaurants in Guwahati for conventional Assamese traditional foods

best restaurants in guwahati for traditional food

Where-Silpukhuri, above SBI ATM, Guwahati

Want to relish on some typical “ma ke hath ka khana” style food in Guwahati? Get ready to spoil your taste buds and pamper your foodie pangs by enjoying some of the home-style cooked food present in their menu.

Some of the authentic food fare present for your quick knowledge are-Aloo pitika, Xukan maasor chutney, goroi maser hona, Bengana poora, Khutora Saag and many more. Adding to it, one can end on a sweet note by having their signature payokh. Mouthwatering right?

6. Mising Kitchen

Mising Kitchen Assamese authentic cuisines restaurant

Where-Hengrabari, Guwahati

This one of a kind restaurant serves authentic Mising tribe food at affordable prices. Assamese food lovers can fix an appointment at this tribal restaurant to spend a cozy evening with your loved ones serving you an array of exotic food such as pork with bamboo shoot, dry fish, pigeon and duck curry along with indigenous local fish dishes served by smiling waiters wearing their traditional missing dress.

A charming ambiance. A must visit place for authentic Assamese food lovers in Guwahati.

7. Raja Mircha

another best restaurant in guwahati

Where-Supermarket, Dispur, Guwahati

The air smells of crackling spices. As the name suggests, the Raja Mircha or the bhoot jolokia will eclectically force you to dine here and enjoy the sumptuous servings of authentic Assamese as well as Naga cuisine, all together in one place. Isn’t that what you call in layman’s term-killing two birds with one single arrow?

8. Culina The Kitchen

best restaurants in Guwahati serving authentic Assamese cuisineWhere- Ulubari, Guwahati

Your next stopover is at Culina the Kitchen at Ulubari. Not only will you will you authentic Assamese cuisine to gorge on but even get a chance to taste their various platter ranging from North Indian to South Indian as well the regal taste of Mughlai platter too. Well speaking about the Assamese thali, the menu ranges from traditional to fusion where the chefs are continually evolving new taste buds for the ever-evolving Guwahatians. A must visit place for newcomers.

9. Bhut Jolokia

bhoot Jolokia serves traditional assamese foods in guwahatiWhere-Zoo Road Tiniali, Guwahati

A cozy homely restaurant where one gets to taste Assamese cuisine at an affordable rate. Looking for less spicy and more in taste? Here you are. Bhut Jolokia is opulent in the field of authentic Assamese cuisine whose food speaks more of taste and less about dry spices. Maasor anja, ronga lao sobji, omita khaar, kesa aamor chutney, bhut jolokia achaar, maahor daali etc. You name and they will serve the items with pride. A great place to eat with your loved ones.

So speaking of food, one can’t deny that we were born to die eating. Isn’t it? And speaking of authentic Assamese cuisine, a die-hard fan of Assamese food won’t take much time to hunt his/her favorite food dwelling in the city.

It just takes one a few drops of foodie instinct and greater potions of travel instinct in one’s soul to locate the right place to binge on their favorite dish. So, enjoy your food, enjoy life!

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So, this is my list of best restaurants in Guwahati for authentic Assamese foods. Let me know if I missed something below in the comments section and share it if you liked this article.

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