Can you sit for 2 hours straight staring at the camera and do nothing? Well this guy from Indonesia did

indonesian YouTuber

Jakarta: When you have the world’s all-time during this COVID pandemic so why the fear of wasting time? This theme was well presented by a YouTuber from Indonesia who shared a video of himself sitting and doing nothing but staring into the camera for over two hours.

The video titled ‘2 JAM nggak ngapa-ngapain’ translated into English as ‘2 hours of doing nothing’ was posted by the YouTuber Muhammad Didit.

This “weirdly innovative” content though might seem boring on hearing but ecstatic netizens were quick in bombarding him with funniest of comments.

The YouTuber said that he was inspired to record the video after many of his viewers requested him to post content that educated youth. “2 HOURS of doing nothing, yes that is the title of my video this time,” Didit wrote.

Quite an inspiration we might say as it is not that easy to sit for 2 hours long, staring at the camera, and doing absolutely nothing.

In the description of the video, he said, “Ok, maybe I should share a little bit why this video was made. It all started from the Indonesian society urging me lately to create content that educates the youth – finally with a heavy heart and reluctantly, I did. BOOM, thus the creation of this video but if we were to talk about its benefits, it all depends on you the viewers to filter and that is my only advice to all of you and hope that you will be entertained and benefit from this video.”


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