Covid-19 death rises to 21 in Tripura

As per the report generated of Covid-19 surveillance as on 28th July 2020, total number of sample tested so far is 148878, where total number of samples found to be positive is 4288 and total number of negative samples is 144590.

Tripura CM tweeted about 4 new deaths of Covid-19 patients and 142 patients being discharged on Wednesday. The death toll hikes to 21 in Tripura whereas total number of patients having recovered and discharged is 2621.

Door to door Covid-19 sample testing is continued and being done on large scale on the 3rd day of complete lockdown in Tripura. However due to lack of proper awareness and spread of false rumoured voice messages, some village areas did not show cooperation on Tuesday, efforts are being made on social media by health workers from different platforms to let them do their duties for their own welfare.



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