Extremely rare 800 kg fish caught in West Bengal, auctioned for 20 lakhs!

800 kg fish

The internet has been ‘fishing’ in too many rare, bizarre and weird finds lately with netizens in awe with nature’s miracle gifts. One such weird edition is of a rare 800 kg fish, caught in a trawler in Digha, West Bengal.

The find had huge crowd crawling around the ‘watery beast’ making it one of the rarest of rare species of fish to be caught to date. What makes it even more amazing is of its wings like shape that gives the inhibition that the fish can fly.

rare 800 kg fish  The fish, named Chilshankar fish, is in high demand this season which soon became a thing on the internet after clips of the fish went viral in social media.

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The huge blackfish was caught in a trawler which is owned by an Odisha man, which soon became a sensation overnight after locals gathered around the trawler to get a glimpse of the finned catch.

Fishermen had to pull it with ropes as it was too heavy to be carried from one place to another. The fish was later taken to the Mohanna Fisher’s association from where it was taken to a fish market for auction. The fish was auctioned off for Rs 20 lakhs in no time even though its market value is Rs 2100 per kg.

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