Four Assam Police Personals awarded with Police Medal for Excellence in Investigation

national award for Assam police personnel

Guwahati, 12 August: The Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation for 2020 has been awarded to four Assam Police Personals namely Mr. Abhishek Bodo, Mr. Devajyoti Mukherjee, Rosie Kalita, and Rustom Raj Brahma recently.

For this prestigious award a total of 121 Police Personnel have been selected and out of which 21 are women. Amongst the awardees, 15 are from the Central Bureau of Investigation, 10 from Madhya Pradesh Police, 10 from Maharashtra Police, 8 from Uttar Pradesh Police, 7 from West Bengal Police, 7 from Kerala Police and so on.

This medal of Excellence was initiated in the year 2018 and it is to inspire and recognize the personals who had been doing some tremendous work in their field. Mr. Abhishek Bodo has received many accolades and awards in the Assam Police by the Chief Minister for his excellence in Investigation and execution. We salute all the brave and courageous Police Personals and look forward to their constant good work.


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