Higher Education: Preparing For A Paradigm Shift – Tools & Strategies for a new normal

A webinar was organised by Asomi (A Pune based socio-cultural Assamese organization) on 2nd August 2020 in Pune, where the discussion was on Higher Education: Preparing For A Paradigm Shift – Tools & Strategies for a new normal.

The webinar was headed by Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) where he has stressed on every student acquiring certain specific skills besides the general education. Dr. Sahasrabudhe further adds that students acquiring these additional skills makes them more employable and open for many entrepreneurial endeavours in future course if time.

The webinar was joined by more than 565 people and 100+ registrations were received. People from all walks of life joined the session from the liked of head of institutions, students, teachers, leading academicians and parents from more than 20 locations in India and from 3 out of India locations.

Dr. Sahasrabudhe also added that the West talks only about a few different learning styles like theoretical, practical, experimental, project-based, audio-video based, ICT based etc while our ancient scriptures talk about 51 different learning styles and hence the truly inclusive model should come from India as no other country can claim as much diversity in this aspect.

The panelists for the webinar included Dr M K Sridhar, Educationist, Member of Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE), MHRD, Dr Kiran Hazarika, Member, University Grants Commission (UGC), and Prof Shirish Sahasrabudhe, Director, Symbiosis Ishanya Centre (SICEC), ELTIS-SIFIL. Dr Triveni Goswami Mathur, Fulbright Scholar, Media & Communication Educator was the Moderator for the webinar.

The event was hosted under the aegis of President Dr Samiron Phukon and General Secretary Rajib Borkataki. Dr Devika Borthakur, Cultural Secretary, Asomi and Mousumi Bora, Vice-President, Asomi acted respectively as Convenor and Co-Convenor of the event.


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