LPG transporters of Oil India Corporation (NEPTLA) goes on an indefinite strike NE

Guwahati, 28th August 2020: The North East Packed LPG Transporter Association (NEPTLA) went on an indefinite strike on Thursday 27th August 2020. The strike was against the tender floated by Indian Oil Corporation. NEPLTA transports the LPG cylinders from the bottling plant to the respective dealers and they are directly opposing the floating of tender from Kolkata instead of Guwahati, which further led to lowering of current rates and increase in the capacity.

This further led to the loading and supplying of finished cylinders to various places from 10 bottling plants and will affect the stock of various retail selling points. Indian Oil Corporation stated that currently there is no shortage of domestic LPG in the market and that it “reiterates its commitment of ensuring uninterrupted LPG supplies” despite all challenges.

Kits advisor Umud Nath also adds that NEPLTA operates around 1,400 trucks transport LPG cylinders from IOC”s bottling plants to various distributors across Assam. “We have a big office in Guwahati looking after the entire North East. What was the point of floating the tender from Kolkata? It is only to deprive the local youths and encourage big corporate units. NEPLTA protested against “discrimination” between the transporters and the dealers, who have their own trucks to carry the cylinders.

The Indian Oil Corporation added that they had a meeting with the transporters on Wednesday and again on Thursday to discuss the concerns raised by them but they expressed their inability to attend the meeting due to various constraints. “Indian Oil would like to take this opportunity to request the transporters to come forward for discussions to put to rest any doubts that they might have regarding the tender,”


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