North Korea to serve Pet Dogs in restaurants due to food shortages

North Korea, 17 August: Dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-un announced in July 2020, that owning a pet is now against the law, denouncing having a dog at home as ‘a tainted trend of bourgeois ideology’.

The authorities have started identifying households and people owning pet dogs and they are being forced to give up their pets as mentioned in South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

Dogs are often considered as a delicacy in the Korean Peninsula, yet there is a declining trend of the practice seen in South Korea in recent times.

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More than an estimated 1 million dogs are reared on farms to be consumed every year in this peninsula. The reason that people come up for having dog meat also has its own beliefs as it is said that “dog meat provides energy and stamina during hot and humid summer months”!

Often one can find dog meat in spicy soups or stew with vegetables and is believed to raise the body temperatures in the cold winter months.

South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper also reported that pet owners there are helpless with this new law and are cursing the Dictator for this move, yet there is not much that could do to put a stop to it.


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