Online petition urging the Assam Government to include sanitary pads to the flood relief package

Assam Flood

In an online petition through people are urging the Government of Assam to include sanitary pads as a flood relief necessity item.

The petition was initiated by Mayuri Bhattacharjee who is a resident of Sonitpur district of Assam. It was also added that, when people are fleeing their homes due to the flood situation, it is very unlikely that they will get time to grab the sanitary pads.

Maintaining the menstrual hygiene during these times are even more crucial, as the woman will be travelling in waters waist deep to get away from the floods. Thereby the Assam Government must include sanitary pads to the flood relief items to woman.

The flood has affected more than 25lacs people in Assam in numerous districts and still there is no stopping to the floods yet.


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