Guidelines (proposed) for reopening schools, colleges in Assam

Assam school reopening

The schools and colleges in Assam are likely to reopen from September 1, amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the State.

The Education Department has proposed certain sets of guidelines for imparting ‘informal’ education until the restriction on the opening of educational institutions continues both for government and private schools in Assam.

The guidelines for reopening of schools in Assam:

  • It will be mandatory on the part of each and every teacher, resource persons, Panchayat officials, and officials of the Education Department to get them tested for COVID-19 in from August 23 to 30 and they will be allowed to take part only if they are found negative.
  • It is to be noted that the process of informal education will not be compulsory for all students.
  • Those students who are interested to join the informal classes will have to inform the Head of Institution and they will have to wear face masks and have to maintain a physical distance of minimum 8 feet while attending the classes.
  • According to the activities suggested by the Education Department for the students from class I to IV, while distributing ration of Mid-Day-Meal the Head of Institution will provide hard copies of questions/assignments for each of the students to their parent/guardian.
  • The students will have to answer their papers at home only. The parent/guardian will have to hand over the answers to the Head of the School on their next visit to collect the ration. The teacher will examine the answer and will be used as results of the Unit test/Exam.

“All the Venues used for the informal Education from Class V to VIII will have to be kept clean by the local people or Panchayat authorities. All the Schools or colleges to be used for imparting education will be sanitized before starting the education and thereafter on in interval of every 15 days,” the guidelines stated.

However, the imparting of online education through digital devices will continue as before without any break.

According to the guidelines, the Head of Institutions should identify four venues to impart informal education for the students of class V to VIII. For each class, there should be a separate fixed venue. These venues may be a community hall, village library, open field, courtyard of houses, etc. except school premises.

The teachers will impart education in batches and there should not be more than 15 students in one batch. The duration of the class for each batch maybe 90 to 120 minutes and in a day they can take a class in 2-3 batches. The informal classes for class IX to XII will be organized in school complexes in which the students of the nearest school, whether he is a student of that school or not can also attend.

Similarly, all willing teachers from other schools, retired teachers, etc. can also impart education in their nearest school. All the willing students have to register their names in the school. The school will arrange a number of sections for each class/subject and there will not be more than 15 students in one section.

The classes for IX and XI shall be held on two days and for X and XII for four days in a week. For the students of the final semester for the Bachelor’s degree in colleges and students of class 11 and 12 studying in the colleges, all the colleges have to follow the same guidelines as mentioned for Class XI and XII above.

For the students of the final semester in engineering and medical colleges, the same guidelines should be followed.

All the universities are also directed to start academic activities as per their own suitability and as per guidelines received from the University Grant Commission.

It is to be mentioned that the proposed guidelines have been placed in the public domain to obtain views and suggestions from different stakeholders. The Department has requested all stakeholders to furnish their views on or before August 20 on the following email ID


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