9 most famous radio jockeys of Assam (with photos)

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The most loved and famous Radio Jockeys of Assam

Radio Jockeys of Assam, The hidden faces with heart melting voices behind the mic, the sounds that resonates across the FMs of the entire city; they are your energetic Radio jockeys who make your day and night equally mesmerizing and full of fun.

Be it the songs, or their cute talks, or maybe their box full of information, Radio jockeys are the most loved personalities in a city whether you accept or not. Here are your some of the most loved and famous Radio Jockeys of Assam who have been entertaining you all for almost a decade now.

1. RJ Sujita

rj sujita big fm

The new velvety voice of 92.7 BIG FM Guwahati, RJ Sujita’s voice take you down the memory lanes and makes them feel emotional as people listen to the heart-touching songs and golden things from the past in her special program- Doporor Rodali.

2. RJ Mandy (Mandira)

rj mandy red fm

The voice which has literally bajaod the entire Guwahatian’s early mornings, popularly known as RJ Mandy, her show as well as her channel (Red FM-93.5) makes breakfast mornings a delight for the entire Guwahati city. Her chirpy and vibrant voice is a must for all listeners.

3. RJ Pahi

rj pahi red fm

“You are listening to RJ Pahi’s U-turn”, a very common voice right? Why not? After all it is RJ Pahi with her exclusive U-turns which is the favorites among all her listeners on Red FM-93.5. According to RJ Pahi her one and only life’s moto-smile and stand up for oneself, love yourself.

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4. Mirchi Gaurav

rj gaurav radio mirchi

The star jockey of 95R Radio Mirchi- Mirchi Gaurav or simply Rj Gaurav is the most energetic, mastmaula, witty, and quick to reply Rj whose charismatic endeavor has attracted almost all youngsters of Guwahati. His mirchi personality makes him one of the best male RJ in entire NE.

5. Rj Pallavi

rj pallavi

Rj Pallavi has been enthralling her audience for a decade now and has for long remained a fixture at Radio Mirchi for some years now. Her vivacity and never-say-die attitude makes her one of the most popular Rjs of Assam. Before her work in Mirchi, she did various stints as news reader in DD and Zee TV, and later started her career as Rj with AIR FM.

6. Rj Aaliya

rj aaliya

A passionate woman, crazy traveler, nonstop chatter box-this is how she describes herself on her Facebook bio, but truly speaking she is extremely vivacious and a fun loving person with whom listeners cannot get boredom mingle into our every life. Her career at 92.7 FM started a long back, but people have already made her their favorite with Aaliya as the most common name.

7. Rj Tanmoy

rj tanmoy

“MidDay masala” and “Jatua Thaas” with Rj Tanmoy on Red FM-93.5. These two segments have now become the most common programs which Guwahatians listen with utmost interest as comic and laughter is what one keeps going in his or her life. And with a funny man Rj Tanmoy, life is more happy.

8. Rj Alisha

rj alisha pic

Yet another cute, energetic and eclectic voice of Guwahati, Rj Alisha is the vivacious voice on Saturdays, and a bit of ‘gup-shup” with her can truly can make anyone weak in their knees. Weekends are always enjoyment and music. Saturday hustle with Rj Alisha (94.3 FM) makes your entire night groove to the best music marathon for the night ever.

9. Rj Ayesha

rj ayesha on air

Bringing Guwahatians ear-to-ear with “Adhunik Gaan” without sacrificing with the traditional environment which still percolates through the heart and mind of the people, Rj Ayesha dons her personality best with her best choices of music both Hindi and Assamese, making listeners waning for more on 95 FM.

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Radio Jockeying and keeping listeners tuned to their channels for listenership is not an easy job. While they might entertain you with their vivacious personality and never-to-get-bored-voices, one can truly feel thankful to these Radio Jockeys who have made Radios all the more vibrant and back to its old aura.

What is your list of Most Beautiful and Famous Radio Jockeys of Assam? Let us know in the comment section below. Article was written by Nandita Borah. Follow us on Facebook.

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