Rapid Testing of Covid-19 faces challenge in Tripura

Despite all the efforts being made for the rapid Antigen test amidst complete lockdown in Tripura, the health workers are facing challenges at Tulashikhor, Takarjala, Teliamura, Mungiakami, Jirania, Raishyabari, Charilam, Kamalpur, Kailasahar, Dhumacherra reportedly.

tripura rapid testing 28-07

The health workers are being interrupted and being refused to continue their duties by some families in the above-mentioned areas. The family members deny of having any symptoms and hence refuse to let them collect samples. Not only this, but the villagers of Mungiakami also put a barricade to stop the health workers from entering the village and continuing their survey.

Rapid testing in Tripura

It is to be understood that a person with good health may not show immediate symptoms of having coronavirus but can still contain the virus and has the potential to infect those who come in contact with him. We all being responsible citizens should cooperate with the efforts being made to keep the state healthy and safe and keep ourselves and our fellow beings protected. Better be on the safe side than late because coronavirus will not see caste, creed, race, religion, or area.


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