Shortage of doctors at Meghalaya amid Covid19


With an increase in the number of Covid19 cases in Meghalaya, the Northeastern State is facing a shortage of doctors. The Health Services Director Dr. Aman Waar also added that “There is a shortage of more than 100 doctors as per the present vacant posts. The Health department could not even get 50 doctors to appoint on a contractual basis for tackling the COVID-19 situation,”

He also adds further “We have advertised for the post of doctors in the state as well as outside the state but no one had come forward (to apply),”

There are around 800 doctors in different government hospitals, Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Public Health Centres (PHCs) across the State and all are actively working to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lack and shout-out from the Meghalaya Government is not due to a political machinery failure, it is for various doctors failing to commit to their commitment to the core of completing their doctorate and still not volunteering what they studies for from the medical institutes. The Meghalaya Government and Meghalaya needs you more than ever our Gods and Doctors and healthcare professionals.

It was also added that ….

“Over Rs three crore was collected as bond amount penalty from such doctors in two years,” Warr said.

He said, the bond amount has been increased to Rs 30 lakh but still many doctors are not joining state government hospitals.

Meghalaya on Monday reported 52 new COVID-19 cases, taking the state”s tally to 1,114, officials said.

Of the total 1,114 COVID-19 cases, 610 are active as 498 people have recovered from the disease and six have died.

Meghalaya and Northeast India needs their doctors and nurses and chemists and health professionals and daughters more than ever now.




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