Top 7 Resorts in Guwahati and its nearby

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Best Resorts in Guwahati – Looking for an escape route from the hustle-bustle of the city life? Craving for a rustic life from your monotonous everyday routine? Then why not choose a resort and get yourself drenched into the countryside, with a romantic climate, with your loved one, in a classy, as per your taste resort in Guwahati? Your checkpoint lists of top resorts in Guwahati are listed below. So get your bag packed and be one of the happiest escapist as you relax in one of the most quint resorts in Guwahati.

1) Spring Valley resort

Where- Tepesia, Assam, 5 km from Guwahati Railway Station
spring valley resorts in guwahati sonapur
Image source – Spring Valley Resort’s official website

A 3-star resort in Guwahati, best for tourist attraction, a place you would love to call an escape route from the monotonous busy routine of city life. Situated in the lush green countryside of Tepesia, tourists throng to Spring Valley resort for that ‘home away from home’ feeling. Situated just 5 km from Guwahati Railway Station, your nearest ‘home happy’ resort is this.

2) Green Wood Resorts in Guwahati

Where – Khanapara – resorts in Guwahati

greenwood guwahati resort

greenwood resorts in guwahati
Image source greenwood resort’s official website

Want a ‘laid back’ budget resort in Guwahati? Free Wi-Fi, superb green location, cool climate, marvellous food, and friendly staff. Here you are, at Green-Wood Resort, with tourist attraction sites to see around and superb Guwahati climate to raise your romantic mood.

3) Aarian Woods Resort

Where – Tepesia, Sonapur, 20 minutes from Guwahati Railway Station
arian woods resorts in guwahati
Image source – arian woods resort’s official website

Aarian woods or Aarian Woods boutique resort provide its guests or tourists with the expected ambience and cosy atmosphere with the casual outlook helping tourists to feel at ease why they indulge in their comfort zone with some beautiful sightseeing places to look around.

4) Brahmaputra Jungle Resort – one of the most sought after resorts in Guwahati

Where – Tepesia, Kamarkuchi, Sonapur, Guwahati.
brahmaputra jungle resorts in guwahati
Image source – Brahmaputra Jungle Resort’s official website

One of the most famous resort in Guwahati, Brahmaputra Jungle resort is one of the most sought after resorts in Guwahati not only for its truly jungle life atmosphere but also for the relaxing ambience considered as one of the coolest places in Guwahati. Guwahati tourism lists this resort as one of the most tourist-friendly resorts with first-class service and spectacular sightseeing places in Guwahati.

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5) Zizina Resorts

Where – Mayong, Pobitora Wild Life Sanctuary, Near Nagaon
zizina resorts mayong nearby guwahati
Image source – Zizina Resorts official website

Zizina resort or Zizina Otis resort is located in one of the cultural and wildlife hubs of Assam, Mayong, near Pobitora Wild Life sanctuary. Fishing tours, beautiful gardens and many tourist attracting places around the resort can make this one place to look forward to. If not cool, for travel goers this is the best resort to bank on. Easily accessible from Guwahati International Airport, Zizina Resorts is the city’s must-see destination in Guwahati.

6) The Residency Tourist Resorts in Guwahati

Where – Kamrup (Metro), a 7-minute walk from Assam Secretariat
The Residency Tourist Resorts in guwahati
Image source – The Residency Tourist Resort’s official website

A laid back hotel cum resort in Guwahati, with many freebies for its tourists, surrounded by the lush green cover, with just 7-minute walk from Assam Secretariat Park. If you are wishing for a Sunday escape from the city chaos, then better move to this resort that gives its guests the
relaxing feel which one looks for in their home among their loved ones.

7) Dichang Resort and hotel

Where – Sonapur, Guwahati
dichang resort and hotel sonapur guwahati-min
Image source – Dichang Resort and Hotel’s official website

Casual rooms and cottages for tourists looking forward to village life, a restaurant and bar attached for guests whining for a relaxed cool evening at the backdrop of the cool Guwahati climate and the city moving slowly to the day’s end. One of an unpretentious resort offering
various amenities including sightseeing, Dichang resort is yet another cool tourist-friendly places in Guwahati one should include in their itinerary.

Guwahati is equipped with all interesting, cool, lively, most happening, tourist-friendly places, as well as places of tourist interest one cannot miss out. With a city that has both the ambience of the city life and also the cool climate of a rustic manoeuvre, a traveller looking forward to visiting some of the coolest places, then they should bank on for the resorts in Guwahati mentioned in the list above.

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