Umananda Temple: 5 things you should know about

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Umananda Temple: the world’s smallest river island.

In the middle of the mighty Brahmaputra river in North Guwahati, there is the world’s smallest river island, The Peacock Island where the Umananda Temple is situated. Away from the noise of the city, this is an ideal place to get relaxed.

Umananda Temple Guwahati main entrance

5 things you should know about the Umananda Temple:

# It is the world’s smallest river island.

# The British named it “The Peacock Island” for its shape.

# According to Mythology, Lord Shiva created the island to please his wife Maa Parvati. As it was created for the happiness (i.e. Anand) of Uma (i.e. Parvati), so it was named Umananda.

# Did you ever heard of the story of Kamadeva or have watched on television, who was burnt by the Third eye of  Lord Shiva? This was the place where Shiva was in deep meditation and Kamdev interrupts him and in anger, Shiva opens his Third eye which burnt Kamdev. That is why the place is also called “Bhasmachal”, which means “hill of ashes.”

# According to history, the temple was built by Borphukon Gargaya Handique in 1694, following Ahom King Shargadeu Gadadhar Singha’s order. However, an earthquake damaged the temple heavily in 1897, but a local merchant repaired it later.

How to reach Umananda Temple:

umananda temple

One can easily reach Umananda Temple by one of the following two routes:

1. Ferries provided by the Inland Water Transport from Uzan Bazar ghat which is cheaper, or

2. You can hire a ferry from Sukleswar ghat or Fancy Bazar ghat if you want, but it may be a little bit expensive. But good to have a special tour of the Brahmaputra with someone special.

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