5 Weird and unusual places in Assam

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Weird and unusual places in Assam: Assam is a phenomenally beautiful state in the North-Eastern part of India whose natural beauty finds mention in many of the ancient texts of India. Its rich culture and authentic chronicles since the Ahom era is a remarkable and priceless treasure trove that no other state in India can boast of.

Yet even after knowing so much about this quaint little gateway of North East India, Assam has a lot more in the store which is still yet to be explored and acknowledged by the rest of the country. Take a sneak peek into some of the obscure and unusual places in Assam.

1. Mayong-India’s own little Hogwarts

Weird and unusual places in Assam: Mayong

Where- Morigaon district, near Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, 40 km from Guwahati city

Known as the “Land of Black Magic”, Mayong had once been the cradle of ancient Indian art of tantric rituals-Black Magic, which now finds no existence in the modern period of scientific advancement. Yet multiple reports from the local news agencies claim that people here still practice in secrecy but only for good reasons. Mayong attracts a huge number of tourists every year to study their rich history of black magic. Mayong is one of the most unusual places in Assam

2. Jatinga-The place where migratory birds commit mass suicide

Weird and unusual places in Assam jatinga

Where- Dima Hasao district, 330 km from Guwahati city

There can be nothing more peculiar than this event of “mass suicide” committed by the migratory birds coming from various parts of the world here in Jatinga, Assam. This event has baffled even the greatest of minds on Earth, yet the solution to stop this mass suicide has found no headway. Research works are still underway and many International organizations have come forward to visit this unusual place in Assam which attracts a myriad variety of birds to die here.

3. The burning lamp of Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor

Weird and unusual places in Assam burning lamp

Where Dhekiakhowa village, Tezpur district

Abode of the oldest burning oil lamp in the world, the Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor was established by the erstwhile Hindu Saint Sri Madhavdev, the favorite disciple of Sri Sankardeva, under whose benevolent blessings the lamp was placed at the Bornamghor and is fuelled to this date to keep the lamp burning. In fact, the lamp has been burning since 1462 and hasn’t been left unburnt even for a single second. The monks keep a close watch on the lamp so that the burning doesn’t die off.

4. Nameri Forest Reserve

Weird and unusual places in Assam nameri

Where- Nameri, Sonitpur district, 192 km from Guwahati

Located inside the Nameri National Park in the Sonitpur district of Assam, the reserve had been in news for all the wrong reasons. People visiting this place have reported hearing the sound of a laughing lady and all kinds of weird sounds, especially during dusk. People have complained about bamboo groves falling to the ground on their own and then getting back to their original position after a few hours. The incidents may sound crazy but then adventure lovers, better stay away from such unusual places.

5. Hahim Picnic Spot

Weird and unusual places in Assam hahim

Where- Boko Tehsil, Kamrup, 60 km from Guwahati

A quiet and serene place located just a few km away from the big city of Guwahati, Hahim picnic spot is one of the most favorite places to hang out with friends and families with the silent stream flowing past the stony ebbs of the valley whispering the secrets of the crowning day. As soon as dusk nears, one can hear all kinds of weird sounds almost puncturing the heart. For a few, this place has become more troublesome than noted for its unbelievably scenic beauty. The visitor count has gone down drastically for all these eerie events opening up in the last few years.

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Unusual places in Assam: Conclusion

Like men, nature has many parts to play other than its benign nurturing part. If mother earth can be kind to the earthlings by serving her priceless resources, she can even be wrathful by raging her inner angst against humanity in the form of volcanic eruptions, flooding, earthquakes, etc. Assam is no less in this context as it has faced and still faces some of the greatest natural calamities every year. Still, this beautiful state has many secrets, both interesting and unusual which are yet to be explored. Hope this peculiarity and weird cognizance has entertained you, at least a little bit.

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