Yaba tablets (banned R-7 drugs) seized in Dhubri, Assam

Dhubri, 10th August: Two people namely Anarul Sk and Ajijul Islam were arrested on 10th of August 2020 near PB College of Gauripur town area, Dhubri for the possession of banned Yaba tablets by the Dhubri Police. Yaba tablets are a banned R-7 drug which contains a mixture of methamphetamine and Caffeine which is also known as the mad drug.

The two drug paddlers were carrying Yaba tablets worth 8 lakh in the International market and they had the possession of 60 packets containing 200 tablets each was seized from the car with the registration no AS-17-G-5709. This was a strategic arrest made by the Dhubri Police as they intercepted the vehicle and the drug paddlers from a getaway point.


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